Heartbreakers, Southampton

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Thrown Together Theatre

About the tour

On our way to Edinburgh Fringe, Thrown Together Theatre bring you an opportunity to see our hit comedy sketch show And Now… before we make the big time and forget about all of you.
We have two Heartbreakers Southampton dates:
• Sunday 11th June 8pm
• Sunday 16th July 8pm
Tickets £10/ 16+/ 40 Capacity
Followed by our London show at Etcetera Theatre:
• Saturday 29th July
Featuring songs, skits, and nonsensical moments, “And Now…” is a wild ride through our collective mind. Like a channel-flicking, ricochet fever dream, this will leave you flabbergasted, dumbfounded and ever so slightly befuddled.
Loveable scamp Ben Palmer, scampable love Rob Franks, lovable love Matt Channing, Scampable scamp Scott Archer and ableableable Jack Stapleton will pinball your funny bones from sketch to sketch with their unique blend of humor and chaos, “And Now…” is a must-see for anyone who enjoys a dumb joke and wants to experience true nonsense.