Heartbreakers, Southampton

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 Followed by Club Psych DJs (Indie, New Wave, Funk, Pop & more) until 3am.

For Breakfast’s music is full of wild contradictions. It’s itchy and restless. The minute the band get comfortable in a groove, in a flash they’ll destroy it and start up another. What begins as an elegant cosmic folk track will end as a chaotic barrage of fuzz. “We release six minutes of six one-minute songs,” jokes guitarist Omar Zaghouani. Yet at the same time, it is incredibly assured; it’s rare that a group at this stage in their career – they have released just one EP, 2020’s Songs In The Key Of O, with the second, Trapped In The Big Room set for release on May 20 – play with such poise.

Their confidence has only intensified in the time between the two EPs. Trapped In The Big Room is just as freewheeling as its predecessor, but adds an increased emphasis on cohesion. “There’s still the same balance of extremities, just the bridge between them is less of a jump,” says bassist Sam Birkett. They’re no less maximalist, says lead vocalist Maya Harrison, but they’re learning how to helm those impulses. “In the past there was a thing about wanting desperately to be heard and always having to play something, whereas now people might be more confident to step away for a minute.” Take lead single ‘Heavy Horse Museum’, premiering exclusively with tQ below, a manic jazz squall that rushes and trips across tempos and rhythms, sometimes charging in an all-out stampede, sometimes collapsing into abstraction under its own weight, sometimes slipping back into moody, spacious electronics. (The Quietus)