Heartbreakers, Southampton

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Starting as a lockdown project, Getdown Services comes from two friends, Ben and Josh, whose love and passion for music kickstarted their latest project.
“We’ve been making music and sending it to each other and playing in bands for years but this one felt like the most exciting thing we’d started,” they tell Bristol24/7.
One half of the duo, Ben, lives in Manchester while the other half, Josh, lives in Bristol means that they use the M5/M6 as creative inspiration for their songs. Their other creative inspiration? “Essentially boredom and things that we find annoying,” they tell us.
“Life is basically boring all of the time and making music is a good way to try and make light of that. Also most of the time we’re driven by trying to make each other laugh.”
This is evident in their song Biscuit Tin which takes an angry stab at the power landlords have and the exploitation of their tenants. The song was born out of anger but the witty and humorous lyrics provide a great electro punk track that you can dance and shout to.