Heartbreakers, Southampton

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Progressive Metal luminaries Godsticks release their new masterstroke, THIS IS WHAT A WINNER LOOKS LIKE through Kscope. The band’s mix of heavy rock, progressive and alternative metal with a dynamic range of angular riffs and emotional depth continue to leave listeners reeling. The band’s sound refined over their releases on Kscope, beginning with the technically astounding metal on EMERGENCE to the more industrial and progressive-influenced FACED WITH RAGE, followed by 2020’s INESCAPABLE, that many deemed as the zenith of their sound and now the band surpassed that with THIS IS WHAT A WINNER LOOKS LIKE. The album, their most collaborative effort to date, incorporates electronic elements alongside their trademark metallic edge. THIS IS WHAT A WINNER LOOKS LIKE is an evolution and furthers each facet of the band’s identity in a contemporary and refreshing fashion. Sonically Godsticks marry effortless technicality with earworm melodies. As an indirect impact of the pandemic much of the lyrical concept of THIS IS WHAT A WINNER LOOKS LIKE was inspired by TV shows that the band’s Darran Charles immersed himself in during lockdown, also taking influence from the crushing inability to escape from the void of live performance. Something the band deeply cherish. THIS IS WHAT A WINNER LOOKS LIKE was recorded at the legendary Rockfield Studios (Queen / Black Sabbath / Devin Townsend), produced by James Loughrey (Skindred / Def Leppard) with mastering from Maor Appelbaum