Heartbreakers, Southampton

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Even at HONEYMOAN’s very first jam in their native Cape Town, it was clear they had a rare creative spark. By the end of day one they had already produced two ready- made banger–the bracing guitar-driven rush of ‘</3’, and the slick down-tempo earworm ‘We’–that were only a taste of what was to come. That spark has now been fanned into an intense flame.
HONEYMOAN, consisting of frontwoman Alison Rachel, multi-instrumentalist Skye McInnes who she’s known since their teenage years, and producer Josh Berry, are fast hurtling towards the release of their debut album ‘Sorry Like You Mean It’. It’s a record of enormous scope, from the dynamic psychedelic pop of ‘Sit Right’ to the bracing electroclash odyssey ‘Bad News’; gritty pop-punk on ‘Sorry Like You Mean It’ to afropop-indebted grooves on ‘Pickup, Don’t Pickup’; to a masterpiece in melancholia on indie-tinged lead single ‘Shortcuts’. At ease in every one of the record’s myriad styles,Alison’s lyrics delve deep into the personal. “I draw inspiration from the experiences that I have with people, often romantic,” she explains. “Most of the songs represent an encounter with someone in particular, some quite profound, some more playful and silly.”