16/07/2024 to 16/07/2024




Heartbreakers, Southampton

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Psych Ltd

About the tour

After releasing a series of experimental music and film scores, Louis O’Hara is now focusing on a folk songwriter sound, combined with an influence from the avant garde. His band (Burley Chassis) features himself on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Frankie Di Stani on clarinet, William Snelling on guitar and keys, Georgina Hamilton on cello and Dov Sikowitz on lap steel. Together they have created a unique sound around Louis’ songs which can be excepted to be heard with some eclectic covers thrown in.

And here’s the main supports (Looney Bergonzi) should you want it:


Originally conceived as a cyber-feminist intervention in the bugsy malone fandom, a series of unfortunate hyperstitional encounters with recursive non/entities left members of looney bergonzi with no choice but to amp up and become a rawk bwand. post (art school) jangle arranged for acoustic bass, bass, violin, drums, geetar, and vox. looney bergonzi are proud to finally bring you non-pop