19/02/2024 to 19/02/2024




Heartbreakers, Southampton

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Psych Ltd

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Meadow Meadow, the project of Peter Darlington and James Green, joined now by bassist Maya Bovill and drummer Holly Hardy, have revealed the details of their upcoming debut album, ‘You Are So Alive’, which will be released on 24 November via Practise Music. Alongside this news, the band are sharing their new single ‘Talulah’. Listen here.
Over the course of two acclaimed EPs – 2020s self-titled offering and 2021s ‘Silhouettes’ – the band have carved out a singular sound of delicate tones and rich textures, where compositions of strings and brass rub shoulders with subtle electronics and sampled sounds. The upcoming milestone on this creative path is ‘You Are So Alive’, a debut record of 11 tracks which, even within the same song, effortlessly swings from hushed moments to soaring crescendos. Leaving the boisterous guitar thrash of Spring King behind, but bringing their unquestionable knack for ear worm hooks and melodies, Peter, James, Maya and Holly of Meadow Meadow are crafting something truly special on ‘You Are So Alive’.
Their new single ‘Talulah’ bristles with a kinetic drum machine beat that skips away under shimmering piano chords and heartfelt vocals. It follows on from previous single ‘Rain’, the two tracks display the variety and songwriting dexterity of Meadow Meadow as a band, and offer a tantalising taste of what can be expected from their upcoming debut album.