Heartbreakers, Southampton

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Norwich based Other Half met through a mutual love of the UK DIY punk scene, driving a really long way to shout at people and (broadly) vegan slop.

The band released their debut album, Big Twenty, via Venn Records (Gallows, Bob Vylan, Marmozets & more) in 2020. A sprawling, violent slice-of-life, the release garnered praise from various outlets, with The Line Of Best Fit calling Big Twenty’s vivid world ‘volatile and dark, but also enthralling to hear’.

Their second album, Soft Action, was released via Big Scary Monsters (American Football, Cursive, The Get Up Kids, Meat Wave), in December 2022. The album finds Other Half distilling the sneering punk and sardonic storytelling that characterised their first album, whilst amplifying the most melodic and dissonant parts of their sound.


After many lonely nights screaming alone in their bedrooms over the state of the world, Alanah, Bethany, Bev and Ciara (aka ABBA) came together in 2018 to invent a new genre they called PUNK. It’s shouty, it’s heavy, it’s tongue in cheek, it’s inclusive, it’s hopeful and it’s fun.

The four DIY punk dads are all about creating havoc in celebratory and cathartic spaces. Bigger than The Beatles, but not yet quite as big as Slipknot, the band have played notable support slots with Le TigreBob VylanDream Wife & Ash

Problem Patterns released their ferocious debut album Blouse Club in October 2023 through Alcopop Records!