Heartbreakers, Southampton

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GOO Records / Psych Ltd

About the tour

GOO Records presents… in association with Psych.

Brighton label Goo Records brings three bands on its roster to the Heartbreakers for a special showcase night.

WELLY – Just 12 months into their career, in which they played Glastonbury and Victorious Festival, Welly and his band of PE-kitted disciples are the fun, sarcastic pop that this grim post-punk generation needs. They have just released a short live EP, taken from a recording made in an empty village hall, as well as a limited edition 7″ single Home for the Weekend (Live in a Village Hall) through Goo Records. A full film and mockumentary followed, gaining extensive radioplay from Steve Lamacq and BBC Radio 6.Live shows include a live TV feed, horoscopes read, live lyric writing, and maybe a few songs too (where there’s room). A jam of Fatboy Slim, The Human League, RIzzle Kicks, and Harry Hill, Welly are more than just another 5 fools with guitars – they have bells and whistles, too. Literally.

Welly released the limited edition 7″ single Home for the Weekend (Live in A Village Hall) through Goo Records on 17th February 2023.


Canned Pineapple are a much needed kick in the teeth for indie rock music. The Brighton five-piece have the precious gift of being able to combine Teenage Fanclub style heart-breakingly gorgeous melodies with the crunching guitar assault of Dinosaur Jr. Their memorable songs have been making audiences fall instantly in love with them across the UK and Ireland. You will too.

They will be releasing a four-song EP on Goo Records on 23rd June 2023.

OWNERS CLUB – Following their latest single Mini Skrrrt! which received acclaim from a number of publications including Sussex Music Mag and The Gryphon Magazine, Owners Club’s latest offering ‘Witchcraft For The Modern World’ takes from where they left off. A self recorded, sprawling wall of chaos celebrating the occult and spirit (no pun intended) of punk rock which takes no prisoners and goes straight for the jugular.

They will be releasing a 7 inch single on Goo Records in September 2023.