Heartbreakers, Southampton

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Psych Ltd

About the tour

Founded by Joe Laycock and Jack Sharp as a successor to theatrical punk group Cheap Teeth, the pair birthed the project from their joint love of immersive, beat-driven soundscapes and an exploration of subtle shifts.

Featuring members of Catholic Action and Big Girls Blouse the band aims to urge the listener’s ear into progressively choppy waters whilst simultaneously grounding them in firm lyrical soil. Having built up an archive of songs over the past year, the band is set to peek their head above water with debut EP ‘Epoxy Plains’

Recorded by Matt Peel at the Nave in Leeds, the EP is centred forgivingly around an individual’s thirst for meaning, as the protagonist falls perilously from the tree of self-identity, grasping at every characteristic branch on the way down, desperate to not be swept away by their impending crisis.