Heartbreakers, Southampton

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Jimmy Herrity

About the tour

Jimmy Herrity is an artist from the south coast (UK). 
 Combining lofi bedroom folk with elements of Post Rock DNA. Jimmy’s lyrics aren’t shy, cutting the jugular with a hauntingly raw voice amid dusty soundscapes. Exploring the guttural depths of grief, abstract corners of trauma and occasional tongue in cheek social commentary. Jimmy’s stage persona stands somewhat in contrast to the serious subject matter of his songs, breaking the ice with frivolous humour and talking to audience members about random shit. 
 Herrity released his first Single of the year, ‘Bathe’ on 23.02.24. 2024 promises lots of releases, shows and festivals. 
 Some things people have said – Reminiscent at times of The National, or even Ben Gibbard, he’s striking out on his own with a raw yet literate songwriting voice. – Clash Magazine.