16/06/2024 to 16/06/2024




Heartbreakers, Southampton

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Psych Ltd

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Masca sound like the awkward third-wheel at a Marina and the Diamonds and No Doubt date.The vocals are classy, the guitar is janky, the bass is saucy and the drums are everything youneed them to be. Masca write songs like little pickled onions that persuade you to peel backtheir layers, their latest single Sweet Tooth explores the idea of whether humans will fall out oflove with each other as we get used to the more and more perfect alternatives to real humanrelationships that AI presents us. This is music for weird and wonderful people who like to thinkand party.

This Bristol trio is made up of Tina Maynard (ex-Soeur), Jack Hamilton and Ben Holyoake.Producer Eliott Vaughan does his best to steer the ship as they sail boldly into the murky watersbetween pop and rock. Signed to Marshall Live agency, there are lotsof live dates to come in2024, including a hometown Bristol show where they hope to continue their streak of selling outin advance.